TRNC Ministry of Health decisions for TRNC entry and departure

The following decisions have been taken within the framework of the decision of the TRNC Council of Ministers regarding COVID-19 precautions and under the direction of the authority of Infectious Diseases Law given to the Ministry of Health.

Starting from 5 July 2020, the TRNC citizens who work in the Greek Cypriot side or have education, Maronites who live in the TRNC and the Greek Cypriots who live in Karpaz will have to present a negative PCR tests carried out within 72 hours before entering the TRNC through border gates. This decision will also be valid for those who stay or live in the Greek Cypriot side. Those mentioned above must have PCR tests carried out every 15 days in South Cyprus or in the TRNC.

Starting from 5 July 2020, those who want to come to the TRNC from the Greek Cypriot side, whether they are TRNC citizens or not, must certify that they have been residing in South Cyprus for the last 14 days and have a negative PCR test carried out within 72 hours before entering into the TRNC and thus they will not have to be under quarantine. If they have travelled to another country from South Cyprus in the last 14 days, on their return the conditions of the country which they visited will be applied to them.

Starting from 5 July 2020, whether TRNC citizens or not, the following conditions will be applied for everyone who wants to come to the TRNC.


Conditions: All passengers from the following countries will have to present PCR tests carried out within 72 hours to enter into the TRNC without being under quarantine. Those who do not present negative PCR tests, will be taken into quarantine until the Ministry of Health carries out their tests and the results are released. Their PCR test and quarantine costs will be paid by themselves.

1. Germany 13. Liechtenstein
2. Australia 14. Lithuania
3. Austria 15. Hungary
4. Denmark 16. Maldives
5. Estonia 17. Malta
6. Finland 18. Norway
7. South Korea 19. Poland
8. Ireland 20. Slovakia
9. Switzerland 21. Slovenia
10. Iceland 22. New Zealand
11. Japan 23. Greece
12. Latvia



Conditions: Passengers coming from the following countries will have to have PCR tests done within the last 72 hours before departure from their own countries and they have to certify that the result is negative and their second PCR test will be done by our Ministry after they arrive in the TRNC. This condition will be applied as ‘PCR tests will be done before 72-120 hours (3rd, 4th and 5th days) after 8 July 2020.’

Transfers of passengers to the hotels will be done by the related hotel authorities. Tourists are obliged to obey the quarantine rule in their hotel rooms until their PCR test results are released. Hotel authorities will have to undertake the supervision of their quarantine process and criminal proceedings will be initiated if otherwise is detected. These conditions will be supervised by the Ministry of Health and Police Authorities.   

Those who will stay at their own homes have to stay isolated until they are informed that their PCR test results are released. Criminal proceedings will be initiated if otherwise is detected.

1. Andorra 16. Qatar
2. Argentina 17. Kuwait
3. Belgium 18. Luxemburg
4. United Arab Emirates 19. Lebanon
5. Bosnia Herzegovina 20.  Monaco
6. Bulgaria 21. Portugal
7. Czech Republic 22. Romania
8. France 23. San Marino
9. Georgia 24. Serbia
10. Croatia 25. Singapore
11. Holland 26. Turkey
12. Spain 27. Uruguay
13. Italy 28. Jordan
14. Canada 29. Vatican
15. Montenegro



Conditions: Those who want to come to the TRNC from the following countries must present their negative PCR test result certificates carried out 3 days before travelling from their own countries and must pay their own quarantine costs for 14 days.

1. United States of America 8. Kazakhstan
2. Brazil 9. Kosovo
3. India 10. Mexico
4. United Kingdom 11. Egypt
5. Iran 12. Pakistan
6. Israel 13. Russia
7. Sweden 14. Turkmenistan and other countries


Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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  1. I have lived in Kyrenia for the past 30 years and I would like to request to be moved to category A, as I am a resident of Wales, where we have had no recent deaths from covid. We are only just coming out of lockdown, as is Scotland, its very different in England, who have not had the same cautious approach.
    It seems unfair that we are being made a category C country, although Covid is very much lower here in Wales.

    • Hello Kay,

      TRNC COVID-19 categories are based upon World Helth Organisation listings so if you want to see a change that’s where you must lobby

      United Kingdom

  2. Can I ask if the same rule applies entering the South from the north, if We have PCR test, can we cross to fly home from Larnaca, we have been here since March.

    • Hard to say, Margaret,

      At present some people have arrived via Larnaka and when they arrived at the border crossing the greeks would no let them cross fro reasons not made clear

  3. Hello, I am in category B. Could you tell me how much time will the test performed at the airport take to be ready as I will have to be quarantined until the test is ready but I am arriving for medical treatment which is time sensitive, thanks!

  4. Do children under 6 pay for qaurentine? Mixed messages. I was told by the consulate that they dont??