December 9, 2023

The British Residents’ Society published very important news on 4th July 2020 with the latest information provided through their ongoing liaison with the TRNC authorities about the Coronavirus Regulations and Residency which we are sharing for other readers who are seeking the latest facts and information. 

4th July 2020


Unfortunately, we now have seen new COVID-19 infections here, from flights from Turkey and arriving in Girne on the Ferry.
The Government have isolated the individuals and have also begun track and trace on other passengers.

We will circulate more information once it has been confirmed.



Since the new ONLINE system has been operating, we are aware of certain concerns and anomalies which have arisen. As a result, we have attempted to provide as much information as possible to assist and have now provided both a text and pictorial guide for your information. Both of these guides will be updated as and when there are changes.

We will soon be issuing a FAQs document in relation to the most common issues surrounding the new system – once we have clarified the issues with the Immigration IT department.

Should you still require further information either contact us via the website or attend one of our clinics to get assistance.

The upgrade to the system to incorporate a facility to select a Private Medical Insurance Policy and upload the documentation has not yet been made. If you wish to use such a policy to support your Residency Visa application, then your only option remains to wait for the upgrade to be made.

An anomaly has also been identified in relation to payments for the State Insurance Scheme. If you submitted your Residency Visa application prior to the introduction of the new on-line system, and have to follow the old route of making your payment via the Koop Bank, then going to the Health Ministry to register the payment, you will be obliged to pay 382TL for one year or 764TL for two years.
However, if you have applied for your Residency visa through the new on-line system, you will only be asked to pay 340TL for one year and 680TL for two years. Apparently for technical reasons the on-line Residency visa system will not reflect the higher figures until September.

Payment of Health Insurance and Blood Tests online is also proving inconsistent, although we are advised that both TRNC and UK bank cards are acceptable but that these cards (TRNC issued cards) must be authorised by the issuer for online transactions.

I have attached below an ‘Online Residency FAQs’ document which goes as far as we have verified information on.


The remainder of the newsletter is lengthy so we give our readers the option of reading this online or downloading

Editor’s note: For those readers wishing to learn more of the British Residents’ Society and registration as a member please click here



2 thoughts on “BRS News of Health and Residency 4th July 2020

  1. BRS,
    There is no facility to pay for two years Health Insurance. According to the latest info ( systems manager in Lefkosa) Two year residency is not available for anyone applying on the new online system even if they have had two years previously. Also according to latest info on Cyprus Scene is that ONLY TRNC Cards can be used to pay any money within the online system. UK cards don’t work.

    1. Hello Steve,

      No doubt we will receive and publish updates on system changes as they occur.

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