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The British Residents’ Society published very important news on 13th June 2020 with the latest information provided through their ongoing liaison with the TRNC authorities about the Coronavirus Regulations which we are sharing for other readers who are seeking the latest facts and information. 

UPDATE – 13th JUNE 2020


The Spokesman of the TRNC Council of Ministers, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay notified the decisions taken during yesterday’s session (11th June) of the TRNC Council of Ministers. Özersay said that 3 different stages were determined for entering the TRNC.

According to the decision, all passengers who want to come to the TRNC from the countries in the first category “Malta, Bulgaria, Norway, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, Israel, Greece and Lithuania” must have PCR negative tests done in the last 72 hours.

The passengers among the 2nd Category countries – Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia must have double PCR tests. According to the decision, those who want to come to the TRNC must prove with a test result that they do not carry the virus while entering into the TRNC and when they arrive in the TRNC, they will have another PCR test. If their test results are negative, they will be able to stay in the country as long as they need. In the case of being positive, they will be taken into a hospital or quarantine.

In the third category, there are the countries in the high-risk group; USA, Russia, Brazil, United Kingdom, and Iran. Those who want to come to the TRNC from these high-risk group countries must have PCR tests before coming to the country and they will have to stay under quarantine for 14 days on the condition of paying the costs. The list of the countries will be updated by the Ministry of Health at least once a week according to the data of the World Health Organisation.

Some other decisions also have been taken for exceptional arrivals-departures. According to this, Greek Cypriots will be able to pass into the TRNC as of 1st July with their PCR negative tests done in the last 72 hours. Following which tests will be done randomly.

Starting from 22nd June, the Turkish Cypriots working in South Cyprus, Maronites, Greek Cypriots living in Karpaz, the residents of Pile, those who have treatment in South Cyprus and students must have PCR tests in respect of their first arrival in the TRNC. Following which tests will be done randomly.

Özersay also pointed out that the main reason for choosing 22nd June is to observe the situation which will appear at the end of 14 days in South Cyprus following the start of international flights as of 8th June 2020.


During the past few days, we have seen news reports and statements from the administrations in the Republic of Cyprus and the TRNC in respect of reopening the crossings between the South and North, and the permissions given to certain groups to cross into the Republic.

Whilst the TRNC has had no infections for days, the RoC still continue to have new cases, and the Government are uneasy about reopening the crossings until they see a period of no new cases, and as the RoC has re-opened its borders to airline ‘tourists’ from certain countries some see this as increasing the risks to the TRNC. Therefore, caution will be applied during the next two weeks to understand the impact of this decision.


Since the new ONLINE system has been operating, we are aware of certain concerns and anomalies which have arisen. As a result, we have attempted to provide as much information as possible to assist and have now provided both a text and pictorial guide for your information.

Should you still require further information either contact us via the website or attend one of our clinics to get assistance.

The following update was received yesterday which deals with any of our members whose passport has expired and needs to complete their Residency application.


  1. The British High Commission have advised that agreement has been reached with the TRNC Interior Ministry that due to the difficulty in getting UK passports renewed, that the TRNC Interior Ministry will accept expired UK passports for Residency Visa applications from Residents. However, once you have received your new Passport, you must upload the details of it into your profile within the system, using your username and password as normal.
    If applying for a Residency Visa using a Purchase Contract, because you are not in possession of your Title Deeds for any reason, then the following information must also be provided at the same time.
    A copy of either your application for a Permission to Purchase (PTP) or the full reference number of the PTP if it has been granted (this will consist of a combination of letters and numbers) together with the actual date the PTP was granted, both of which you can obtain from your lawyer who handled the purchase of the property originally.
    You must provide a receipt showing that you have made a payment towards the property of at least one third of the total purchase price.

We are still awaiting confirmation of dates for these flights, but should we receive that information we will ensure it is circulated.

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