December 10, 2023

The British Residents’ Society published very important news on 11 June 2020 with the latest information provided through their ongoing liaison with the TRNC authorities about the Residency Regulations which we are sharing for other readers who are seeking the latest facts and information. 

UPDATE – 11th JUNE 2020


Today the revised ‘online residency’ system became live.

The link to the site is: –

Once the site opens, firstly save the site as a Favourite in your internet browser, as you will be visiting this site again, on several occasions as your application progresses, and for future use as well.

Select Residency Permit in the on-line services area. You will then fill in the registration section and submit this information, the system then updates and takes you to the next page and you should receive back almost immediately an SMS (text) message to the mobile number that you have provided, giving you your Username and Password.

You must log back into the site and immediately change the password, as the one you will have been allocated initially, is a “one time” use only password.

Once you have done this, you will select the visa application type that will be applicable to you, i.e. if you own property it will be an “Immovable Property Visa” for family members who are not named on either the purchase contract or the Title Deeds it will be a “Family Permit Visa” You will then be asked to upload your passport details page and a copy of a recent Mukhtars letter into the system.

Once you have completed this and submitted the information, you will receive the details of your appointment for the Immigration department of the regional police station that covers the area where you live. You will also be told through the system which copies of documents you will be required to take with you to the appointment at the police station.

It is important to understand that casual visits to the Immigration department at the Police Station no longer happen, everything is done through a specific appointment. You must also attend the Immigration department at the police station in person when you present your documents.

If applicable, after attending the appointment at the Police station, you will be prompted through the system to make the required payment for any Blood Tests (if under 60) Payment can only be made on-line. Payments can no longer be made through a bank.

After payment has been successfully made on-line, for any medical checks and/or if a blood test is required, you will be given the details of the laboratory in your area, according to your home address.

If Blood and/or any Medical tests are not applicable to you, your application will automatically proceed to the next stage.

After the Immigration department in Lefkosa have reviewed your application, and if applicable any blood or medical test results, you will again be prompted through the on-line system to select the length of the Residency visa that you are looking for, and will then make the relevant payment, which will include the payment for the State Health Insurance.

If you are proposing to submit a private health insurance policy, such an Emergency Stability Insurance policy, as an alternative to buying into the State Health Insurance, then you will upload a copy of that policy document. The length of time of that policy, must be at least equal to the length of the Residency visa that you are applying for.

Once the process is complete the BRS recommends that you should select any option that allows you to print off a copy of your Residency visa and keep a printed copy at your home.

With immediate effect, all applications for Residency Visas can only be made through the link above. There is no alternative system for Residency Visa applications being made available.

Whilst the amnesty for over 60’s remains in place until the 23rd October 2020, we would strongly encourage all members whether aged under or over 60 to submit applications as soon as possible.

Specifically for all members who are under 60 and whose Residency visas have expired and have been unable to renew, due to the enforced closures, a 30 day amnesty will now apply to those members only, which will end on the 11th July 2020.

From that date onwards penalties will be re-applied for late renewal.

Once you have completed your appointment at the Police Station and completed any Blood and or Medical tests if required, and will be leaving the TRNC for any period of time, then ensure that you log back into the system and change your mobile number to the mobile number that you will be contactable on while outside of the TRNC, so that you will continue to receive any system messages and prompts, should any tasks be required. You should make sure that you format any international mobile number correctly. In the case of the UK it will be 0044 then remove the 0 from the UK mobile number and enter the rest of the number. Very importantly once you return to the TRNC, log back into the system and change the contact number back to your local number.

The BRS understands that in a few isolated cases, some members may not have access to either a Computer / Tablet, I-Phone / Android Phone or Wi-Fi, which will be essential for using the on-line Residency visa application system. If you are one of those members, and are unable to ask a friend or neighbour for assistance with the registration process, which is in both English and Turkish language, then please e- mail and we will arrange for some assistance to be provided.

We will be providing some further information about the workings of the new on-line system in due course.

Editor’s note: For those readers wishing to learn more of the British Residents’ Society and registration as a member please click here



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  1. How long normally does it take after all is uploaded. I have bern waiting at ‘immigration is evaluating your application ‘ since 24 July. One month. This is a renewal not a new application. Thank u.

    1. That’s nort an unusual length of time and we suggest you keep checking your application progress on the ministry website

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