October 4, 2023

Introduction by Chris Elliott….

Living in Northern Cyprus through the COVID-10 Pandemic and now see lockdowns beginning to be lifted, we all have individual thoughts and feelings of the strain and danger we lived under and regular visitor to the TRNC, US Dept Cultural Diplomacy Award holder and Miss Oklahoma, Demetra George Mustafaoğlu writes from her home in LA about her feelings.

Readers Mail….
From Demetra George Mustafaoğlu...


Where do I begin to explain the pain we are suffering right now in AMERICA? Why now during the COVID-19 crisis? How did we come to this? Can we recover from the Pandemic and the Trump virus that attacked one after another? Can the disaster the world is viewing in disbelief really be my America?

Young Demetra

My grandparents embarked on a great journey in 1923 setting their sights on the Promised Land called the United States of America hoping for a new and better life. My relatives would not believe what has occurred here in the last 3 years under the schemes of this puppet president and his sycophants and I’m glad they have passed.

I grew up in Oklahoma and was born on an army base while dad served his country as a corporal at Fort Sill. It was church for us each Sunday, and there and as in school, we ran drills to protect against tornadoes and nuclear attacks that might come from a Soviet onslaught.

As I reminisce on those days now, I wish life had remained that carefree!

Today the world fights an unseen enemy as a Pandemic once again attacks mankind whether through mishap, purpose or overbuilding and history is repeating itself. In tandem the boiling pot of racism has spilled over after a long time of unresolved systematic racism and finally imploded with the senseless death of George Floyd. AND SO Black Lives Matter was born.

The repeated murder of unarmed black people by police has caused horrific outrage. Police Officers weren’t held accountable for the misuse of force! There has to come a change in our culture and the laws that allow police to kill black and brown people without consequences!

The miscarriage of justice is so undeniable that people have taken to the streets to express their anger and disdain for the actions of these officers. Americans are marching in anger, disgust, pain and demand justice for all. In 80% of the instances, violent protestors have been hired from distances and sent in to incite the crowds, attack law enforcement and damage businesses to invite looting. “I CAN’T BREATHE” the signs read and in California subsequently law enforcement is banning the choke hold which deprives oxygen and blood to the brain, as in George Floyd’s death.

Frankly I believe the masses have also erupted against this sitting president who has fomented hate through his tweeting and support of White Supremacists. Having been locked up for months due to COVID-19 and the ever mounting loss of jobs here has simply added fuel to the fire.

Our vantage point is high above Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California where we have seen groups of peaceful protesters but are on the direct paths to Santa Monica, Westwood, and Beverly Hills and directly into downtown. So the sirens of paddy wagons and cruisers racing to scenes of unrest where the masses are protesting are constant. Many nights we raced to catch glimpses of the cavalcades of 20 vehicles or more heading to “hot spots”. Now it has become the “new normal” and we try to sleep through it.

A few days ago I posted photos on Facebook of the National Guard convoy deploying to the Federal Building just a few blocks from us and at that juncture everything changed. Access was blocked to all cross streets including those leading into the University of California LA and the UCLA hospital and medical buildings. Police and unmarked cars were stationed at all intersections for a mile and the entrance to the famous 405 freeway was shut down and blocked to deter a massive protest from damaging the Federal Building and looting businesses nearby.

The speakers in our building announced to remain safely inside and stay away from the windows for our safety!

Somehow I knew I’d lived this once before as Mehmet and I honeymooned in Cyprus in 1974 and the sight of fatigue wearing soldiers in military vehicles brandishing weapons is a sight, (and the fear of guns raging) I can never erase from my mind!

Minneapolis’s Attorney General finally announced arrests for murder of all 4 policemen involved in the travesty and the country is trying to INHALE; not without damage to property, more deaths by firearms, broken bones, teeth, heads and hearts all across our land.

In 2016 I took a knee in support of Colin Kaepernick. I understood him. I’m sorry people didn’t get his message because of patriotic, political pandering and posturing of the time. It was NEVER to discredit our military or flag. He kneeled to try to save lives and repair our system, peacefully. Now professional sports team owners have awakened to the message and are embarrassed they mistreated him so badly. Remember Trump fuelled that too. Millions of Americans of every colour, race and creed have taken to the streets to make their voices heard and people from across the pond have joined in the cause in support of BLACK LIVES MATTER truly uniting man.

I hold faith that a resolution is coming but this man in the White House whom psychiatrists call a Malignant Narcissist is fanning the flames of hate and division. Our generals and past presidents have recently called him out on his threat to deploy our military. I’m sure our enemies are watching with bated breath for Trump’s next move from the Oval Office. Staging a photo opportunity before a church, Bible in hand like a decapitated skull, and tear gassing non-violent protesters to clear his path will be on everyone’s mind come November. And let’s not forget all the deceased Americans by then close to 200,000 he allowed to be culled.

What we CAN count on is that he will try to act with little regard to law, precedent and our constitution!

I can only pray on both knees that we survive this harrowing time in America and can begin to build a new day TRULY UNITED.

I send all my love to friends and family in The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and can’t wait for the day when I can escape the madness here and be with you all again in that Peaceful Jewel in the Mediterranean

God bless you all and Stay Safe


2 thoughts on “Where is America the once beautiful Land I Loved?

  1. Over simplified it wasn’t actually a racial issue until hijacked by far left politicians and media. Born in 1937 I seen segregation and the KKK in action…. Never previously have Blacks been treated better or have more opportunities than in 2020. More hate crimes were committed while Obama was president than under President Trump I did not vote for Trump or even like the man but in all fairness he was not responsible. The true cause is recruitment of police officers from the cesspool of ex GI’s who were trained killers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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