September 30, 2023

Girne Municipality is carrying out cleaning work on the western ring road of Girne, which is under the responsibility of the Highways Department but it is not possible for them to carry out the cleaning work.  Within the scope of the works, the weeds in the central reservation are cleared, the trees are pruned, the roads are swept and the waste is collected.

According to the information given by the Municipality of Girne, they stated that with the end of the Pandemic period, all the teams had started to work, and the cleaning works continued on the ring road, as well as the cemeteries, playgrounds, green areas and side streets in the city.  Safety precautions will be taken during the work, by narrowing the double lane road where the work is being undertaken. For this reason, the drivers using the road are asked to take care and comply with the traffic warning signs and markers during the cleaning works.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said; “We need to protect the environment and nature.  It is important to protect the current state without polluting the environment. We must learn not to pollute the environment any more”.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Work continues on Girne Western Ring Road

  1. The residents in aycicek sokak, karakum are getting fed up with the dumping going on and nothing is done about it,its a disgrace to a potential paradise

    1. Hello Carl you have made comments like this before and we asked whether you had taken up your complaints with the local mayor if so we will be please to hear more from you.

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