May 31, 2023

By Roland Eyerich ….

There was a re-start after Lockdown for the venue of Live Music “The Soulist Coffee & Music House“ in Alsancak on Saturday 23rd May 2020.

Step by step The Soulist Coffee & Music House will be back to offer good coffee and of course great “live music”, the heart of this venue, to the people.  Under the circumstances of new health regulations, the “Soulist” decided last Saturday that the opening jam with Alper Cengiz & Friends should be held outdoors and set the start time at 9:00pm

The aim was to give live music and Soulist friends the chance to participate at this special evening and being able to comply with the rules of the curfew (Midnight to 6am).

This re-start from The Soulist was a great success after the hard times of LOCKDOWN…. People were hungry for live music and joined in at the “Open-Air Terrace“ in front of the Soulist.

At 9:00pm Alper Cengiz & Friends started. You could feel it … Everyone enjoyed the new freedom, danced and had a lot of fun…. Exuberance in the positive sense was announced. Liberated musicians finally being allowed to make music in front of an audience again.

This time the special highlights were “Superstition / Riders on the Storm”, “Going Down” and Santana Cover…. Thanks to Arda Baykurt (Drums), Dean Bridges (Bass), Ed Sezener (Guitar & Vocals) and Alper Cengiz (Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals) for this performance. Big thanks to all of the people who came to the Soulist.  Around 11pm the Jam Party of the Soulist finished and the people happy to be a part of this started their way home (Curfew starting at Midnight)

A special task and challenge now comes to the Soulist … It is to grab people and make the venue attractive again.

The motto is “Keep Music Alive”

The Soulist needs the support for running this place as a “live music venue” and of course all local live musicians in particular need the support for their performances.

Video courtesy of Cem Sendemirci

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