August 18, 2022

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar held a teleconference meeting with the young people who had achieved successful work with regard to the 19th May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day.

Voice Artist Buray, London Youth Platform President Nafia Horozoğlu, Footballer Kenan Özer, High Jump Athlete Buse Savaşkan, Bodybuilding and Fitness Trainer Sami Hamidi, National Swimmer Doğukan Ulaç, National Athlete Yiğitcan Hekimoğlu, Bodybuilding and Fitness athlete Kemal Özekmekci, Disabled Basketball Athlete Ömer Bulduk and the first Youtuber of TRNC Barış Can “KFC Eatbox” participated in the teleconference meeting with Prime Minister Tatar.

At the beginning of the meeting Prime Minister Tatar celebrated the youth day and stated that the young people who came to the top in their career outside the island with success in their fields were a source of pride.

Stressing the importance of hearing the opinions of the young, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar said that they want to leave a more prosperous future to the young. Tatar added “We do not have any problem with South Cyprus or anyone. We, as the Turkish Cypriot people, want to administrate ourselves. We wish a healthy life in peace and security”. Expressing that he is very happy to listen to the views and contributions of the young, Tatar said “I am very happy to meet you and listen to your valuable views”.

Furthermore, during the meeting, the young people congratulated the government for the measures taken regarding COVID-19

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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