September 28, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

The Second World War had officially ended on 8th May 1945. On this day the Allies had officially accepted the surrender of Germany, after the suicide of Adolf Hitler. This day is the Victory Day, as announced by Churchill, for Europe. A terrible chapter in European history thus had ended.

This terrible war had taken the lives of around 75-80 million people, which was about 3% of the world population at that time. Europe in particular and the world in general thus had been through a period of human killings. But that war had ended on 8th May 1945.

But has the war really ended. I do not believe so.

Yes, the war in Europe has ended, but it has since changed its venue. Since that day the war has slipped out of Europe, with different objectives and reasons. For the last 75 years not a single day has passed when human lives have not been perished in one or another part of the world, just because someone wants to keep on playing the game.

The human lives lost in the Korean War have been estimated at over a million, the Vietnam war cost around 4 million lives, the ongoing Afghanistan war has taken around 2 million lives so far. The Iran – Iraq war took more than 500,000 lives. The civil war of Sudan took more than a million lives. In Bosnia, more than 100,000 people lost their lives. This list is too long.

The other form of war is genocides. The Cambodian genocide took the lives of about 3 million people. The Rwandan genocide took the lives of about 1.7 million people. There are many more incidents of the like in different parts of the world. Human lives kept on perishing due to one reason or another.

The list of wars and incidents of serious genocides over the last 70 years, in various parts of the globe is too long.

The cost of war Vietnam

There are various reasons behind each and every such war. The conflicting parties always try to show that they are on the right path. In the end, one wins and the other loses. But what I want to emphasise is that it is  human life that always loses in the end.

All sort of human conflicts usually affects the civilians badly. It is not just that they face the real war and killings directly, they go through a long period to return back to their normal lives. In fact, most of them never return back to their previous normal lives. Most of them are so deeply hurt and lost from inside, that their lives go through a permanent change.

On paper, we always find one winner and one loser in every war, but it is always the countries and companies who produce arms and ammunition, who come out as the winner. They earn big profits by selling their products the world over. They earn big profit by keeping their production belts constantly coming out with tanks, missiles, armed vehicles, fighter and bombing planes, naval ships, etc, etc, etc.

The cost of war Iraq

But personally I always find myself associated with the losing side. The losing side is not just the lives of human beings, it is the death of humanity.

Humanity dies when any single human being perishes just to make the arms producers earn big profits. The first, the second and all subsequent wars on this globe, unfortunately, kills humanity also, and they keep on killing humans and humanity. Will this ever stop?

Let humanity win once!

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