This weeks Sporting Quiz and a hard Stinker Question at 13th May

By Richard Beale….

This week’s SPORTING QUIZ plus the STINKER QUESTION and the answers will appear in this week’s CyprusScene Enewspaper, and the answer to the “Stinker ” question will appear in next’s week edition.

This week’s Sports Quiz

Q 1:  Who is the National Coach of the Wales football team?. Q 8: Name the only football club to have sacked Sir Alex Ferguson as a manager?
Q 2: In which sport would competitors use a piece of equipment know as a foil? Q 9: Which country has produced the most Formula 1 World Championship winning drivers?
Q 3:  Frankie Dettori won 7 out of 7 races at which racecourse in 1995? Q10: Which boxer inflicted Muhammed Ali’s first defeat in professional boxing?
Q 4: What is the largest capacity cricket ground in England? Q11: Which sport would you preform a “Fosbury Flop”?
Q 5: At which sport is 180 deemed the “perfect score”? Q12: Babe Ruth was associated with which sport?
Q 6: Which sport involves “tucks and pikes”? Q13In cricket when an Umpire raises both hands up in the air what is he signaling?
Q 7: The 1980 film Raging Bull starring Robert De Niro was based on which boxer’s life? Q14: Which League 1 football team is known as “the gas’ or the Pirates?



A very hard one this week! Who is the only football player to have scored in the English Premier League, Championship, League 1 and 2, Conference League, Conference League South, FA Cup, League Cup, Football League Trophy, FA Trophy, Champions League, Europa League, Scottish Premiership, Scottish Cup, and the Scottish League Cup? – ITS A CRACKER OF A QUESTION !

(answer in next week’s enewspaper)



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