September 30, 2023

Readers mail….
Deniz Aziz…Jessic….

Hello Chris,

Jessic’s Friends of Karsiyaka School Children has donated 6000TL, on top of the 9000TL donated by our customers, making a grand total of over 15000TL, which will be used to purchase much needed food for families in Karsiyaka who are in desperate need.

The food will be distributed by the Mukhtar, Ahmet Pelit, as unfortunately, Karsiyaka is only one of the areas which has been struggling through this difficult time.

We would like to thank all our customers for their continued kindness and generosity in helping us to raise money for our local community in Karsiyaka.

If you know of anyone in the Karsiyaka area who is in need of help, please tell them to contact the Mukhtar, as help is only a phone call away on 0533 861 8319.

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