August 18, 2022

Day by day we are receiving great news of the communities and people pulling together and finding ways of helping others in need during the Coronavirus controls and lockdowns and long may this continue.

Readers  mail…
From the Residents and friends of Lapta Pines….

As the lockdown started here in the TRNC, for some life didn’t change that much.  The lunches and social get togethers were on hold but financially for many, it was life as normal.  But the residents at the Pines realised that there were those in our community that would be seriously affected and would need help and they wanted to do something to help.  Emails and messages were sent and before long the offers of support were pouring in.  With the help of friends in the local community and the local Mukhtar, families that were slipping through the cracks elsewhere were found and the food parcels were organised and delivered.

In the last two weeks friends and residents many of whom are in the UK and are unable to help in any other way and alongside the friends in the expat community here have sent more than 17,000TL to be spent on food. 

To date more than 150 food parcels have been delivered with at least 100 more planned in the coming days and weeks.

It is truly inspiring to see people pull together in times like these and recognise that the support will need to be ongoing until life gets back to some kind of normality.  With that in mind, the friends and residents here at the Pines are committed to continuing that help and support for as long as possible.

There are many people in the community trying to do their bit to help and whether it is sending money to charities, donating food or even just sharing a post on Facebook every little bit really does help as unfortunately there is no quick fix to this problem. 


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