Payment of TRNC vehicle road tax online, it works!

By Margaret Sheard ….

After a great deal of effort and frustration I was eventually successful in renewing my vehicle road tax online, and couldn’t believe how easy it was.

I was a bit lax in forwarding the details originally requested by SMS message last year to register, and did this during the lockdown period which made me think the details sent had not been registered in the system, although when I did register I received an SMS message confirming receipt.    As my vehicle road tax was due on 1st April, I was very concerned that if I went out in my car and was stopped by police I would be in trouble for not having tax for my vehicle.

After numerous attempts to try and pay the tax online, I sent a comment on one of the links, to which I did not receive a reply.  However, on another attempt I decided to follow the instructions and send an email, which I did on 23rd April and the same day I received a reply giving me exactly what I needed to insert in the information boxes.   So once again I went into the online payment site and believe it or not, it worked, and I also received the special 10% discount given for April/May.   Road tax paid, receipt printed and I can now safely use my car, knowing that if I am stopped by the police I can show them that the tax has been paid.

I think a lot of the problem arises due to the passport number, which has to be prefixed with ‘P’, but as I have had 3 different passports since coming to live in North Cyprus, I did not know which passport number to use,   When I received the reply from AKOS I was given the passport number to use, which in my case was the second one.  Problem solved.

I would suggest that anyone having problems with paying their road tax online should contact by email and, as I experienced, they should receive the information to enable them to do this.

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  1. Had same problems but had help from an English speaker on the help line 1300

  2. I paid mine very easily, but I do have an ID card, I will continue to use this service. It’s certainly easier than trying to get to the offices to pay if you have a full time job,

  3. Dear Margaret, thank you very much for the article and your kind words. We, as the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, are very happy to hear that our online support service has been useful and you have been able to pay your road tax easily. As you mentioned, anyone who needs support is kindly invited to send an email or call us on 1300. Best wishes. Kemal Bağzıbağlı, Undersecretary, Ministry of Public Works and Transportation

    • Thank you for your kind words, we are always pleased to help where we can and keep the public informed.

    • Kemal,
      Tried online service and having problems so went to the tax office, could not even get a ticket at 9 am. Big crowd outside waiting, we are 70 years old so did not wait due to the possibility of catching the virus. Tried calling 1300, no reply. Tried emailing AKOS but no reply.

      • Sorry to hear this. I am forwarding your comment to AKOS asking them to make contact with you. I hope the matter will be resolved to your satisfaction.

  4. I couldn’t remember the exact date of registration of my 2nd car, and it’s been in the garage for more than 6 months, and I didn’t want to travel to just see the registration document, so I wrote an email to Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, and they actually wrote back to tell me the registration date. I’m going to try to pay it now.

    I could say that in terms of identity security, they shouldn’t have done this. The email could have been from anyone.

    Well, Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, thank you for your outstanding service. You have saved me a lot of trouble and risk.