August 12, 2022

Food sales continue in line with the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers and in order to check the measures being taken by markets, butchers and bakeries on site, Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, and the Municipality Police teams visited businesses in the region.

In a statement on the subject, Güngördü said: “In this difficult process, it is seen that people shop in the markets to meet the basic needs of food and hygiene items, therefore, the health units of the Municipality must check on the food items sold in the markets and the hygiene conditions.  In addition to this, we have warned many times that people should only be allowed entry at certain intervals and in a certain number of markets by taking into consideration the density in the stores. We have spoken to the owners and said that they should follow the necessary rules on this matter.”

Güngördü said, “As a result of the warnings about the citizens being required to wait outside in accordance with the social distance rules, I and the Municipal Police units walked all the markets from the east to the west, especially after 20:00. During this time we saw that almost all markets, between 5 and 8, complied with the rules.  Gloves were distributed in accordance with the hygiene issues, and customers were given disinfectant fluids to clean their hands. Since it is important for customers to wait at a distance of one and a half meters in terms of their health, we warned the citizens in a suitable language.

Inspections will continue, everyone must comply with these conditions. This is very important for community health. The best way to get rid of this virus is to really follow these rules. Unless it is absolutely necessary, let’s not leave our homes, stay at home, stay healthy. If we are patient for another 10-15 days, I believe that we will overcome this as a society in the best way. Thank you to everyone who complies with the rules.”

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality

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