Isolation Challenge for Kay and Derek stuck in the UK

In response to the article we published with entertainer Andy Reay click here on the subject of what do you do during Self Isolation, we have started to receive messages from many people as you will see.

We have another difficult case of Kay Thomas and Derek Brown who are stuck in the UK and want their friends and family to know where they are and are desperate to know when they can come back to the TRNC.

For those readers who would also like to share their experiences please email and we will try to publish them on our website and in our weekly online e-newspaper. Let’s try to make the world happy again by sharing good news.

For those people who are wanting to return from the UK to the TRNC or go from the TRNC to the UK please go to Facebook page “TRNC Residents trying to get homeclick here and register your details as requested so your information is on file for when there may be a change in entry policy.


Readers Mail….
From Kay Thomas,

Hello Chris,

We left North Cyprus on 11th March for a family Christening. We thought hard about the travel as at that time there was nothing to suggest the World would be in such a terrible state.

It’s been a difficult time for our family, due to a few sad events, so yes the children and family needed to see us and we decided to go as it was only for 12 days.

Preparing to return we moved (before lockdown) from our family to friends in readiness for our flight home and then we received an email advising our flight had been cancelled.

There have been flights returning Turkish Cypriot citizens from UK to TRNC but residents do not count it seems. We have lived for more than 17 years in North Cyprus contributing to the economy and charities and we have had residency throughout this time.

Hopefully, as residents, we will be recognised soon and be allowed back to our homes, with the need for self Isolation or quarantine as the government decides.

Best wishes to you all

Kay Thomas and Derek Brown