June 1, 2023

We have received this request from Sue Tilt of Tulips requesting help and support in the coming weeks and are sharing this with our readers and will ask you to also reach out and help Sue and Tulips look after all of those cancer patients undergoing treatment by making a donation click here. and also join in with the FUN STAY HOME event shown below.

Tulips Stay at Home Party on Saturday 4th April at 7.00pm is a great idea and a time for you to stay at home, cook and enjoy a nice meal with perhaps a few drinks and just be happy listening to music and take a photo of your happy event and send it to Tulips. The following is what Sue Tilt had to say:

Hi Chris,

I hope you and Margaret are keeping indoors and safe!!

I am asking everyone in my messenger contact list to share this link for Tulips.

Tulips is going to be in a pickle next month helping cancer patients pay for treatment and we really need your help. I am aware that not everyone is in a position to contribute however can you please share and ask your friends to share. This would be a great help!

Thank you xx 

Sue Tilt
Tulips – Help Those With Cancer Association

Editor’s Note:

At the time of publishing £610 has been donated and lots more donations are needed if the 1,800 cancer patients cared for by Tulips are to receive ongoing support during the Self Isolation period in Northern Cyprus.

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