May 31, 2023

A butcher’s shop and market closed for 1 day due to non-compliance.

After the Council of Ministers increased the measures for markets, butchers and bakeries in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, Girne Municipality has tightened its inspections for these businesses in the region.

In the information given by the Municipality; Girne Municipality Health Branch teams and police checked out supermarkets, markets, butchers and bakeries in Girne.

Girne Municipality Health Branch Supervisor Naile Soyel stated that a very critical week has been entered in the fight against COVID-19, and in the light of the new measures taken by the Council of Ministers, they have tightened the controls for supermarkets, markets, bakeries and butchers.

Stating that the data of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health was sent to the respective businesses in respect of the precautions to be taken from the beginning of the process, Soyel explained that the inspections are continuing. Expressing that these enterprises have started to implement the measures by showing sensitivity, Soyel emphasised that in order to reach the goals required, citizens should also show sensitivity and follow the rules when they enter the markets. Stating that some complaints in this regard were received last week, Soyel emphasised that distancing of 2 meters, disinfection fluid, plastic gloves should be observed, and for those who show non-compliance in disinfecting their shopping baskets and carts will be dealt with sharply.

Reminding that the heart of life started to beat in the markets with the quarantine process, when the only areas where communities could visit were markets, Soyel pointed out that not taking the necessary precautions here may cause a social epidemic again. Emphasising that it is the duty of the market owners, employees, citizens and wholesalers, Soyel reminded once again what needs to be done.

Today, in Girne (30th March), 16 businesses consisting of supermarkets, markets and butchers were inspected, and about 150 bakery products and sandwiches that should not be sold were confiscated. A butcher’s shop and market that did not fulfill the glove and disinfectant liquid requirement was sealed and closed for 1 day.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality 30th March

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