August 9, 2022

By Margaret Sheard ….

We have had the pleasure of meeting up with Ismail Veli on a number of occasions when we have made a visit to the UK and have a lot of admiration for his dedication in researching the families of Lurucina, which was the village in which he was born, researching history and also his long time hobby of creating dioramas. 

Ismail created a website for his Lurucina research and has received a lot of information documents, some of them from the Ottoman period, which he has had translated. click here

On one occasion when we met up with Ismail at his home in London, we were invited to enter his garage which is totally filled with dioramas, mainly of battle scenes which contain hundreds of tiny figures.  What a sight to behold, we could not believe the amount of work Ismail had done over the years to produce this wonderful display.   Of course not everyone would have the patience to do such intricate work, but during this home isolation period, Ismail can certainly keep himself occupied.  I am showing just a few examples of the dioramas created in Ismail’s garage.

As well as Cyprus history research Ismail also collects books, magazines and postcards,  and he has a massive amount of these publications from which he has been able to gain much information for the many interesting articles he has written in the past.  Many of the photographs and postcards have been shared by Ismail on the Frozen Cypriots Facebook page.  Click here

During this unfortunate Coronavirus pandemic from which the world is suffering at the moment, it is important to try and keep busy while in home isolation, perhaps catching up on decorating, sorting out cupboards, maybe a jigsaw and for families a board game, reading a good book (maybe re-reading something on the bookshelf).   Everyone is different and probably dealing with this isolation time in many different ways.

It is so important to comply with the measures and rules which have been implemented by the Governments in most countries. They have been put in place to stop the spread of this dreadful virus, which at the time of writing has reached over 21,500 deaths worldwide.  Everyone must help to try and halt this pandemic once and for all.

For those who would like to share their isolation experience and hobbies, which could in turn help others, please send information to us on the contact form below and we will endeavour to share this with all our readers.

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