August 18, 2022

By Chris Elliott…

It was great to see on the Facebook page of Tolga Atakan the Minister of Public Works and Transportation that they were sending home tourists to their countries to be with friends and family during these very dangerous times and this is what Tolga Atakan had to say:

“Our guests from Germany and Sweden, whose health checks came clean after the Covid-19 quarantine process, are being sent home today (24th March 2020) via organised evacuation flights. When this problematic period ends, we hope to see you again in better world conditions.”

Security luggage scanning before check-in for the flight

The TRNC is perhaps the safest country in the world when it comes to trying to control the threat of  Coronavirus infection and we should all be grateful for that and try to support the TRNC authorities by abiding by the controls put in place to safeguard us all.

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