December 8, 2023

The 3 German tourists, who tested positive and received treatment are discharged

Tourism and Environment Minister Ünal Üstel made a statement about the measures taken by the Government regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and the quarantine conditions of both the German tourists and the TRNC citizens also under quarantine.

In his statement, Minister Üstel said, “Our government has taken aggressive and radical measures regarding the Coronavirus outbreak that has become a global pandemic and threatens our country as well as the world. It is determined to evaluate these measures taken by our Council of Ministers at any time and take further measures when necessary.

The measures we have taken as a government to protect the public health are as recommended by the World Health Organisation. However, in order for these measures to have positive results, it is essential that our people act in accordance with these measures.  In this context, it is very important for our people to act appropriately, without panic, and in accordance with the measures taken.

Our government as a whole, with the information of our Minister of Health, Ali Pilli, is constantly following the developments, constantly discussing the new measures to be taken and underlining once again that all these measures are taken to safeguard public health.

International and non-TRNC citizens are prohibited from entering the TRNC as a result of the effective and radical measures taken by our government.

I would like to state that TRNC citizens coming to the country are also subject to a 14-day surveillance and will need to comply with the measures which have been implemented.

Minister Üstel said, “Thanks to the devoted and careful services of all our healthcare professionals, especially our Ministry of Health, in respect of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the 3 German tourists, who tested positive and received treatment at Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital, were discharged on 20th March after being tested and found COVID-19 negative.  The German citizens who have been discharged will be hosted at the Salamis Hotel until the day they are sent back to their country”.

Stating that the German tourists at Salamis Hotel who were also kept in isolation in accordance with the quarantine conditions, Minister Üstel stated that they would be sent back to their country on Tuesday 24 March.

Minister Üstel said: “As a government, we are determined to take more effective measures if necessary”.  

In his written statement, Tourism and Environment Minister Ünal Üstel expressed his heartfelt congratulations to all healthcare workers who have worked ceaselessly, and called for the continued applause of gratitude for healthcare workers which was launched yesterday evening (20th March).

Minister Üstel,  “ With regard to the global Coronavirus pandemic we are experiencing, as always we have received the support of Motherland Turkey and we are surviving by complying with the measures which have been put in place.”  He underlined that everyone should stay in their homes and not leave unless absolutely necessary.

Source (Turkish) Ministry of Tourism and Environment 21 March 2020

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