Ministry of Health fight against Mosquitoes

Fighting against mosquitoes, which the Ministry of Health carries out regularly every year, also continues intensely this year. The Ministry has increased the spraying activities this year in view of the heavy rainfall.

The main goal is to destroy the mosquitoes, which play an intermediary role in the transmission of diseases such as West Nile virus and many others, before they become a health issue. In this respect spraying by the Ministry sanitary workers throughout the island will be carried out from 1st March to the end of October with spraying in stream beds, wells and where there is stagnant water.  In addition, fish called Cambodian fish are left in stagnant waters within the scope of biological control.

The spraying treatment is completely biological and causes no harm to nature and animals.

Stagnant water resources in the buffer zone on the green line outside the borders of the TRNC are sprayed every year by Turkish and Greek sanitary workers within the framework of the plan drawn up by the organisation of the Peacekeeping Force.

In the period from the end of October to the beginning of March, activities are carried out against adult flies, which will lay eggs in the spring, in caves, old houses and ruins.

Source: Ministry of Health