December 8, 2023

By Kate Cornwell …..

My friend Jane and I walk every morning with our dogs (my 3 and her 2) near Sardunya.

We pass the unfinished hotel and walk towards Sardunya Bay and then up towards the Lapta Walkway that starts at Sardunya and ends at Silver Rocks. We walk for just over an hour each morning and pass a cafe that is situated on the walkway, near Sardunya Bay. Being early we just always walked past, thinking it would be shut, but a month ago I noticed someone cleaning the windows and said to Jane I am going to ask them what time they open – so pleased I did, as Zihni and his wife Gulgen get there around 6ish!

At around 7.20am we now stop off every morning unless is it pouring down and have our morning coffee and bless him he supplies biscuits and slices of orange and grapefruit. We sometimes are given a treat – orange cake, hot helim bread – Yummy. It has become our ritual each morning and it is so lovely to sit on a bench outside looking at the beautiful sea, mountain range and sometimes the Turkish mountains (on a good day), drinking our hot coffee and munching away on biscuits.

The couple are charming and have run this place now for 6½ years. It is open every day and they get there around 6am and it closes around 5pm. A hard working couple that are always warm and so friendly. Sometimes on a Monday Zihni does look a bit tired bless him, but he always greets us with that lovely smile of his!

Well done you two – and thank you for making our mornings an absolute delight – what a way to start the day!

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