August 18, 2022

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar stated that the unilateral decision of the Greek Cypriot Administration to close four border gates was a new product of the wrong perspectives and disrespect towards Turkish Cypriots.

He said ‘I invite all the third parties, especially the United Nations and the European Union, to evaluate these wrong approaches of the Greek Cypriot Administration and to end their attitude of injustice against Turkish Cypriots’.

Minister Tatar, in his statement on the subject, pointed out ‘It is quite meaningful that the Greek Cypriot Administration closed the four border gates with a unilateral decision, claiming that it was a measure against the Coronavirus situation. If these border gates were to be closed, which are used by Turkish Cypriots as well as Greek Cypriots, then just as they were opened with a common decision, they should have been closed by a joint resolution. However, instead of doing that, the Greek Cypriot Administration has closed the four border gates with a unilateral decision, claiming the Coronavirus which is affecting the world. There is no Coronavirus case in the TRNC, and even if there was; there is a bi-communal health committee, and it should have been discussed in that committee first. However, the Greek Cypriot Administration did not do that. Why? Because they see themselves as the legal judge of all Cyprus and Turkish Cypriots as the minority which has to be subjected to their decisions.’

Ersin Tatar said that it was interesting that the UN which is willing for more opened border gates and interaction and unification of the two peoples of Cyprus has made a statement about the issue, which was a complete ignorance. Tatar also underlined that the representatives of the European Commission who were saying ‘Greek Cypriots cannot make a decision about the border gates without asking us’ were completely silent.

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