Akar: ‘Cyprus is our national issue’

Turkey’s Minister of Defence Hulusi Akar said ‘the Cyprus issue is our national issue’

Speaking at an event which he participated Minister Akar stated that besides the fight against terrorism, Turkey’s activities are ongoing in the Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus and Libya and added that they are carried out in accordance with international law and the territorial integrity of the countries.

Akar said ‘Turkey is a guarantor country for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities. The Cyprus issue is our national issue. Whatever we need to do there, we have done so far and will continue to do so. We will continue to protect the rights of both our own and Turkish Cypriot people.’

Akar underlined that any project in which Turkey is not included has no chance of being successful. Akar also stressed ‘Turkey will never tolerate a fait accompli in any way. Our aim is to provide a solution by peaceful methods in accordance with international law and respecting the principles of right and justice.’

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  1. South Cyprus accepted another financial Deficit.
    I am very concerned about becoming associated with a Bankrupt little community that always appears to be of such a large Ego, that pushes themselves so much Beyond the Realities.
    We Should maintain a Respectful Distance and a Border and never Concede to Their Desired Land Concessions.
    All the Efforts that they are making, are A Sig Of Their Desperation.