February 6, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

The very first time I went to the Soulist Coffee and Music House in Alsancak I had this feeling I had been there before, but why?

Going to the 3rd Anniversary celebrations at the Soulist gave me the same feeling just like many times before.

Let me explain this feeling of being there before. Well for me the Soulist brings my youth back to me, when I spent many happy hours in Soho, although I never went to the 2i’s Cafe which was a bit before my time and without doubt was like the Soulist is now.

I did spend a lot of time in the Flamingo Club in Soho going into the evening session and then later back to the late night session and when it finished I walked all the way home to Walthamstow in NE London which was around 10 miles to get a few hours sleep before getting up to go to work.

Music was our life and although mixed with different types, we spent many hours going to other clubs like The Marque, The Scene and then around the London dance halls like the Hammersmith Palais and Tottenham Royal and even the Leytonstone Baths` which presented some great bands.

In this wide variety of locations we saw the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Cream, Zoot Money, Dave Clark Five, Georgie Fame, John Mayall and so many more.

Those were the times of being a Mod although I never had a scooter with fox tails, I did wear suits and paisley shirts with long pointed button down collar and tie.  One night my pal and I were at a club dancing when we were invited to be part of a group on TV when Dusty Springfield was on Ready Steady Go..


Time moves on and we take music with us and when my 2 sons were growing up I was borrowing their CDs to carry in my car to play music from ZZ Top, ACDC and The Prodigy along with my Howlin Wolf. BB King and Muddy Waters blues music.

So back to North Cyprus and the Soulist Coffee and Music House and what is so special about it. Well I can enjoy hearing many of my past music favourites being played by many great bands plus I can enjoy Jazz, Classical and cultural music etc etc.

This love of music brings many people together of different ages and cultures across the world and what can be better than going to the Soulist Coffee and Music House and in looking back I leave you with a blast from my past in the form of John Mayall singing Looking Back.

Coming back to the Soulist in Alsancak we find Alper Cengiz and Friends enjoying the music that we all love.

To see more of the Soulist go to their Facebook page or watch their latest videos on the Soulist TV channel 

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