December 6, 2023

Stating that towards turning the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum into an international organisation, the real purpose of the meeting which was held in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and the fact that Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot people were not invited is not cooperation, Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamdi Aksoy said that the forum is far from reality.

In his written response on the issue, Aksoy said that the member countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum convened in Cairo on Thursday (16th January) in order to turn the forum into an international organisation by signing an establishment charter. He also added that the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, in which Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) had been left out, is an unrealistic formation. If the purpose of this forum was really cooperation, of course, Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots would also have been invited to the forum.

1 thought on “Aksoy reacts to the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum

  1. They are Acting as iff taking Parts in a Poppet show. or maybe a Muppets.
    All Show But No Garters.
    I am not aware that Greece Has Any Part To play in Eastern Mediterranean.
    It’s as Peculiar as Cyprus became a Part of European Continent.

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