Turkish Foreign Ministry press release regarding Cairo meeting on Libya

The Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a press release and stated that the meeting in Cairo on 8 January 2020 with the participation of the Foreign Ministers of Greece, France, Greek Cypriot Administration, Egypt and Italy against a recent maritime delimitation deal between Turkey and Libya were based entirely on factitious arguments and false premises and added that Turkey was ready to cooperate with all countries in the region except the Greek Cypriot Administration.

In the press release the Turkish Foreign Ministry stated:

‘The two memoranda of understanding that we signed with the legitimate and the internationally recognized government of Libya are legitimate and fully compatible with international law.

These memoranda of understanding constitute a response to those aiming to disregard the presence of Turkey and Turkish Cypriots in the Eastern Mediterranean. The press statement dated 8 January, indeed reveals once again that the steps taken by Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean are rightful and appropriate.

Turkey, with the longest coastline in the Mediterranean has the right to speak on any project concerning the region. In order to transform the Eastern Mediterranean into an area of cooperation rather than of conflict, we would like to take this opportunity to express yet again our readiness for cooperation with all parties, with the exception of Greek Cypriot Administration’.