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Tulips Chilly Dippers dipped once again … Brrr

Readers Mail …
From Sue Tilt – Tulips …

At 7.30am it was beginning to look unlikely that the Tulips Chilly Dippers would be able to ‘dip’ into the Mediterranean on 31st December 2019 as the thunder was still roaring overhead however as 11am approached the weather eased in time for 13 brave ‘dippers’ to complete their annual challenge!

This year turned out to be the most challenging to date as the waves pounded the beach making it increasingly difficult for all the Dippers to keep upright, in fact one or two did get knocked over. A couple of our regular Dippers did say that although the sea was rough it was not as cold as it had been in the past…. we will just have to take their word for this!

Along with Jackie Pennington, our organiser for this event, 5 ladies from the Incirli Aqua Aerobics group looked great all with festive headgear; Sue Tong, Sharon Goodger, Patsy Williams, Linda Hughes and Victoria Scurfield. Linda Tabi, who is becoming a regular Dipper was in her Christmas dress. Roger Miles and Sue Petty swam 1km to the Cabin together from the Manolya Hotel to join the Tulips Chilly Dippers and after they had their warm soup they set off back again! Jane Boreham, a cancer survivor, with her 3 generation family; Mike (husband) Heidi Temple (daughter), Gareth Temple (son in law) and Millie Temple (granddaughter) made up the Tulips Chilly Dippers for 2019.

Phil Chappell was unable to attend due to being on a cruise however he still swam on New Year’s Eve and provided a letter from the Captain of the cruise liner to verify his challenge was completed, shown here.

Thank you to all the spectators, the turnout was amazing and with so much support the swimmers could not wait to get into the sea.

We would like to thank Elif of The Cabin for providing a beautiful French Onion soup and fresh bread free of charge and for allowing Tulips to use her venue for the morning.

Our thanks also go to Jenny Brown who once again made her beautiful mulled wine, all 12 litres of it, and our appreciation goes to Bestmar supermarket and Hurdeniz for supplying the most important ingredient, the red wine, free of charge!

We hope to be able to announce the amount raised at the end of January, this is dependent on everyone collecting their sponsorship monies.

Our sincere condolences to Kay Thomas, one of our regular Tulips Chilly Dippers, who sadly was unable to attend this challenge due to the funeral of her beloved sister.

Sue Tilt
0542 854 8714
Tulips/ Help Those With Cancer Association
(Kanser Hastalarina Yardim Dernegi)