March 20, 2023

By Kate Cornwell ……..

There are so many beautiful places within Northern Cyprus that I love to visit but one special place that I enjoy immensely and go with my dogs is AKDENIZ.

I go early most Sunday mornings weather permitting as my dogs ‘don’t do rain‘ and when I’m there it is like I am on my own private island – bliss. I take a small flask of coffee, a piece of Olive Bread preferably, dog biscuits and water. The journey only takes me just under half an hour from Karsiyaka and it is such a beautiful trip – passing through Gecitkoy village with the magnificent Dam which is breathtaking.

As you start to make your way towards Akdeniz village, during the winter months depending on the climate if you look towards the Troodos mountains they can be covered in snow – what a beautiful sight.

I make my way to the centre of Akdeniz beach where there is a restaurant called CARETTA. The gentleman ‘Tarik‘ who runs it, keeps horses there and they are beautifully looked after, which is such a delight to see.

If you face the sea and look left you can see on most days Lefke and all the way to Yesilirmak where they produce the fabulous strawberries – the earth around that area is so lush and the vegetation is incredible, another place well worth a visit. In the centre of Yesilirmak village, if you make your way to the sea (5 mins) there are 3 restaurants overlooking the bay – I took my family there last September and we had a great lunch – they said it was one of the best they had!!

During the summer months at Akdeniz beach, there are a considerable amount of Turtles that nest and lay their eggs and they request that you refrain from taking your dogs there during mid May to mid October.

I love collecting shells on that beach and have wonderful bowls of beautiful different coloured and sized shells. I have only once found a massive shell and that was when the sea was high and I was walking near the dunes (8” long) – definitely a one off in my lifetime.

This wonderful part of the island is like being back in the old days of Northern Cyprus, unspoiled and just so serene and basic.

That’s what I call heaven!!

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