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KAR Education team visit to Karakum School

Readers mail…
Carole Widdison..KAR Education team….

Good Morning Chris and Margaret, Happy New Year to you both. I wondered if you would like this article for CyprusScene e-newspaper which has been delayed a bit by the holidays.

On Thursday December 19th the KAR Education team, Maggie Smith, Carole Widdison, Carol Easton and Ruby had the pleasure of teaching the preschool children at Karakum school. There were 44 delightful and extremely well-behaved children who enjoyed taking part in the activities during the lesson.

The class was introduced to Ruby and told a little about the KAR Rescue centre at Beşparmak, which was Ruby`s home until a short while ago when Maggie gave her a forever home.

The first activity showed the children what dogs and cats needed to be happy and healthy. They looked at things the animals needed such as bowls, collars, name tags, and leads, a brush,  a blanket and toys. One of the children came out and showed how to brush Ruby.

They then learned how to stroke a dog correctly, letting it sniff their hand first. The demonstration used Maggie, whose permission had to be asked for first, and Ruby. The lesson finished with the children learning how to behave around dogs on the streets. They learned to `stand like a tree ` in silence while Maggie pretended to be a dog barking near them. It is quite a sight seeing 44 children standing like this and trying not to giggle.

Each child had a folder of activity sheets to complete and take home to show their families.

We are very grateful for the welcome we always get at this school and the involvement of the Director and teachers in the lesson, especially in their help translating for us. There were also donations of food that the children had brought for the animals which was much appreciated.