Tribute to Lynda Harris – Rest in Peace

Kate Cornwell …

Today Friday 3rd January 2020 our dear Lynda had her funeral in Wales at 11.30am and the people who knew her here,  gathered at Sea Point at 1.30pm to pay their respects to this beloved lady in Northern Cyprus.

I also found out that people were gathering at Jessic’s and several other venues. One very loved person!

Lynda was always smiling, dancing or singing her favourite song that she loved to perform which was Tina Turner – ‘Simply the Best’.  I remember one of my birthdays held at Sardunya in March 2011 which my husband organised as a surprise and all my friends were there and to make my afternoon complete, Lynda on my request got up and did her song – Tina Turner eat your heart out!! I have tried to find the photos of that day but sadly just can’t locate them. But this photo in the article was taken on Friday 13th December at Sea Point (The Foreign Residents Christmas get together), before she flew off the following day to Wales to see her lovely family.

Sadly Lynda, who was only 76, suffered from a brain haemorrhage whilst visiting her son David in Derby and passed away on Thursday 19th December 2019.

Everyone that knew Lynda are of course very upset but they will have and carry wonderful memories of this warm and kind person. I know that when I have been thinking of her since her tragic death, there have been thoughts of her and her fun and love of life, that have appeared in my head, which has brought many a smile to my face and those I will keep forever.

Sincere condolences to her sister Kay Thomas, husband Derek & all their family.

R.I.P Lynda Harris your memory will live on.