Introducing the Soulist Coffee and Music House, TV videos

By Chris Elliott….

There is a lot of great entertainment in Northern Cyprus but for something very special you need to call into the Soulist Coffee & Music House in Alsancak where you will find a wide range of music styles and it always reminds me of when in my early days as a teenager I spent a lot of time going to Soho Hot Spots in London.

On January 20th 2017, the Soulist Coffee & Music House was opened in the village of Alsancak in Northern Cyprus by Alper Cengiz (Lead singer of the group Soulstuff from Istanbul) and he soon teamed up with his German friend, Roland Eyerich who helps him with promotional activities.

Alper Cengiz has created something special. You feel the soul of the musician at The Soulist.  Music is at the centre of the stage and the furnishings and musical background are there for coffee enjoyment, with trumpets as ceiling lighting, musical instruments and memories of musicians on the walls which all add to the atmosphere of the coffee house.

Soulist has a Facebook page click here and now has a new Youtube page Soulist TV where there is a growing selection of videos by Dean Bridges like the one below that you can watch and they can also be seen on the website .RockCyprus

The 3rd Soulist Anniversary is coming soon so do watch this space for more news of what will be a great celebration..

Soulist TV video by Dean Bridgeshttps://youtu.be/l5gQNryUhJk