Bayerwald students banned from taking a final trip to North Cyprus

By Chris Elliott…

Our friends from Kuzey-Kibris.de sent us a link to an online German language newspaper which when translated, has a very sad report as shown under. This is just continued pressure to ensure that North Cyprus is not recognised and that young tourists are prevented from coming to the TRNC to enjoy perhaps a New Year Holiday.

Ministry prohibits Bayerwald students from taking a final trip to Cyprus

The Bavarian State Ministry of Culture has decided: Vocational students from Waldkirchen (Freyung-Grafenau district) are no longer allowed to take their graduation trip to Northern Cyprus. The reason: international law problems.

Half a dozen water slides guarantee fun. The sandy beach is huge and the sea is still pleasantly warm in autumn. Young people can let off steam without danger on the approximately 100,000 square meter facility.  As well as these advantages, the accommodation costs at the Acapulco resort in the northern part of Cyprus are moderate. That is why the vocational schools in Waldkirchen, Ingolstadt and Kelheim have been heading to the hotel complex on their graduation trips for many years. The idea of ​​letting the students vacation there comes from Waldkirchen. But now that’s the end.

The Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture has unequivocally recommended that three schools stop checking in at the Acapulco resort. Because the trips are politically explosive. There are problems under international law because the hotel is located in the northern part of the island of Cyprus. This resulted in a request from the PNP (Passauer Neue Presse).” Even the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin is involved in the case. The vocational secondary schools in Waldkirchen, Ingolstadt and Kelheim are affected by the decision.

Northern Cyprus sees itself as an independent state – not recognized by EU countries

The region in the north of the island of Cyprus sees itself as an independent state, which – apart from Turkey – is not recognized by any EU country under international law. Although there have never been any problems in practice during the school trips, the Ministry of Culture is concerned about the final trips. “The fact that a school violates international law has never happened,” says Uwe Burghardt, the headmaster of the BSZ in Waldkirchen.

Source:  Harald Rast Passauer Neue Presse

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  1. It seems that the Bavarian minister has been got at by the ilegal greek cypriot regime,(it was the greek cypriots that violated the Zurich agreement between 1960 and 1963 and until 1974).It is not a breach of international law to holiday in the TRNC

    • Disgusting treatment of the TRNC yet again by those who know no better. Before judging this wonderful country history should be properly researched before jumping on the Greek Cypriots bandwagon

  2. I did think this might happen owing to the ‘Oil’ situation! I noticed the odd tighting at the LCA customs last time in. Pity.