Vehicle Registration Automation System going live on 6th January

Announcement from the Traffic Department.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation Traffic Department Directorate Vehicle Registration Automation System (AKOS) Project hardware installation and testing has reached the final stage.

Within the scope of the project, as of  6th January 2020, online navigation renewal, payment of inspection fees, requesting a special plate and exits of private vehicles will be possible. As part of the transition to this project, the system will not be able to carry out any operations at Vehicle Registration, Inspection and Licensing Branches and regional units on 2-3 January 2020, where the final tests of the system will be performed.

For this reason, the foreign vehicle exits will be carried out by the Directorate of Customs at the Famagusta Port and Girne Tourism Port on 2-3 January 2020.

Detailed information about the use of the new system will be provided shortly

Source: Ministry of Public Works and Transportation
Directorate of Traffic