December 6, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

The Maritime centre of the University of Kyrenia (GÜDENMER) recently organized a seminar entitled the ‘Ancient Kyrenia City and Harbour’.

Ismail H. Sabbar, the President of the Ancient Kyrenia Harbour Development Association was the main speaker at the seminar.

Captain Enver Yetkili, the president of GUDENMER, delivered the opening speech of the seminar and stated that with the activities they perform every month they are providing a platform to meet representatives from different areas of the marine industry and participants.

He further stated that marine tourism is one of the important sub-sectors and the ancient harbour of Kyrenia is among the places that attract the most tourists but has not reached the desired level.

In his speech, İsmail H. Sabbar, stated that Kyrenia is the crown of tourism and the most important part is Kyrenia harbour. He explained that they aim to protect, save and make the cultural heritage of the region attractive and they have prepared a plan for this purpose.

İsmail H. Sabbar, in his presentation supported by old photographs, maps and drawings, presented detailed information about the ancient city of Kyrenia including the definition, importance, legal status, development strategy plan and contribution to tourism of the region.

Sabbar stated that the current government program includes work in this direction and this would provide a significant tourism income and shared his suggestions on the subject. Referring to the decisions of the High Council of the Monuments and the Ombudsman, Sabbar expressed that they aimed for a city that is bright, clean, culturally active and attracting more tourists.  After his speech he answered the questions of the participants.

At the end of the seminar, Ocean Going Master Mehmet Emin Debeş, the Head of the Department of Maritime Transportation Management Engineering, made the closing and thanks speech, especially emphasising the importance of young people to know their history and stated that GÜDENMER will continue its work without interruption.

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