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Chef Somer Sivrioğlu at EMU talking about his career journey

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

Masterchef”, is a popular program of Channel 8 Television, which has been equally liked by everyone. Chef Somer Sivrioğlu, who was in TRNC recently, is one of its jury members.

During his visit to the TRNC, he was invited by the Tourism Faculty of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) to deliver a presentation on his “Career Journey” from Bilkent University to Sydney, Australia. The presentation was at the Mustafa Afşin Ersoy Hall of EMU.

The event was organized within the scope of the 8th International Career Days organised by the Alumni Communication and Career Research Directorate (MIKA) of the EMU.

The event received a lot of interest from EMU Tourism Faculty, Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts students and alumni. During his presentation, the experienced chef stated that he took his first steps into the restaurant business 25 years ago when he travelled to Australia for his MBA. Indicating that initially things didn’t go as planned, Sivrioğlu stated that he didn’t give-up and now owns 2 successful restaurants. Sharing his experiences with the students in attendance Sivrioğlu emphasized that being a good chef and manager requires cost control and loss/profit calculation in addition to expertise, experience and kitchen knowledge. Chef Sivrioğlu advised the students to pay close attention to these courses.

At the end of the conference, honour and high honour certificates were presented to students for the 2018-2019 Academic Year Spring Semester. Students received their certificates from Chef Somer Sivrioğlu.