Slimmer’s World Christmas celebration at Lord’s Palace

By Margaret Sheard ….

We went along to Lord’s Palace, Girne on Saturday 21st December, to join the Slimmer’s World Catalkoy Group Christmas get-together.

What a lovely venue this is with plenty of room for a large group in their big dining area.  The choice of meals is immense, there is so much to choose from the very extensive buffet, hot and cold meals and wonderful desserts, it is really very hard to decide what to choose.

There were around 26 of the Slimmer’s World members at the lunch and it is always nice to catch up with them again and learn how they are doing with their weight loss, but no-one was checking on the plates of food that day! 

During the meal Barbara Burton made a presentation to Val Stuart-Traynor and read the message in the envelope given to Val, who was very overcome and almost in tears.   Following is the message of the gift made to Val for her dedication to the members.

Dear Val

You are the inspiration for all of us in our search to change our lives.  You have been there always when we have needed help or just simply a kick up the backside.

We want to thank you for all you do for us, to show our appreciation and love for you in the best possible way.

The tree you have wanted for so long is on its way to you.  This summer you will be sitting beneath a tall and shapely Red Jacaranda Tree.  As you sip your ice cold gin and …. you can think of us doing as we are told with our diet coke and sugar free tonic.

Ring this number and Santa’s elves will be bringing you a large mature tree, delivered and planted exactly where you would like it to be in your own garden.

We hope it will flourish and grow as your leadership has done this year.

Thank you for all of us for your love and care.

What a lovely gift from the members.  Val said she had seen this type of tree some years ago and it was something she really wanted to have.  Perhaps when the tree is planted and in full bloom we will be able to pay a visit and take a photo of Val sitting under it.

Earlier in the day there had been the usual meeting at Khan’s Restaurant in Catalkoy where the presentation was made for Target Slimmer of the year which was awarded to Christine Lynch who had lost 3 stone and although this had been achieved in June, Chris had managed to keep it off and still 3 stone lighter in December.

Following is Val’s comment about their Saturday morning meeting.

Wow want a fantastic meeting today. It got off to a bad start with my car breaking down but thanks to Upper Crust Karakum, Dunya Motors and Khan’s Restaurant we got there.

Helen with a fantastic 9 pounds weight loss this week was Slimmer of the Week, Rose achieved her 2.5 stone award and a half stone award went to Allan. But the award of the day went to Christine …. Target Slimmer of the Year, 3 stones lost and kept off for 6 months. All followed by 26 people to lunch at Lords Palace who looked after us so fabulously well.

The day was finished off by my fantastic members giving me the most fabulous Christmas present I could have wished for x

The meeting place will change in 2020 as Khan is moving to the old Grand China/Bollywood premises (the narrow road opposite Ledi Supermarket), so from the 4th January 2020 this will be the new meeting venue, still under the name of Khan’s Restaurant.