Tatar: “Solution is only possible with a side by side two-state model”

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar gave a special interview to Russian media on the National Channel.

In his speech, Tatar stated that the triple meeting held on 25 November in Berlin was an initiative to restart the negotiation process that collapsed in Crans Montana. Expressing that there is no difference between the Crans Montana process based on the Guterres document and the reference conditions of the Berlin meeting, Tatar said that if there is no difference between the reference conditions, it is not easy to expect an agreement.

Furthermore, stressing that both himself and Turkey do not lean towards a five party conference in the following process, Tatar indicated that the Guterres document envisages zero troops and zero guarantee in Cyprus but this vision will never be accepted by the Turkish Cypriots due to the fact that Turkish Cypriots experienced very sorrowful days in 1950’s and 1960’s. Underlining that the Turkish Cypriots will never feel safe without the guarantee of Turkey, Tatar stressed that a solution in Cyprus is only possible with a side-by-side two-state model and cited the Kosovo model as an example.

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  1. Going by the Language coming from the South, wether from the Political or Public Contains So Much Anger and Bed Language That Any kind of Cooperation between the Two Communities must be ruled beyond Forceable Future.
    A two State solution must be put forward By Our Leaders based on Existing Territory, and the Equal Share of National Resources and No Compromise.
    If they didn’t have enough Land They World Not Be Selling Lands To Foreigners.