December 8, 2023

Turkish President Recep Tayyip  Erdoğan: “We will take steps to protect interests of Turkey, TRNC and Libya”.

President Erdoğan answered the questions of students in a program themed  “Every Human is a World” at Bilkent University on World Human Rights Day.

Stating that Greece, Egypt, Israel, and South Cyprus took joint action regarding the step taken in Libya, Erdoğan indicated that Turkey is together with Libya.

Erdoğan also said : “We will do all our research in the Eastern Mediterranean, also will take steps to protect the interests of Turkey, the TRNC and Libya, and these are in accordance with the international maritime law and the international law. We do everything within the framework of law.”

Upon a question whether it is possible to conclude a similar agreement as done with Libya with the other countries on the Mediterranean coast, Erdoğan said that they could take every step with all the riparian countries in the Mediterranean on the basis of “win win”, but they did not consider the understanding of “all should be mine” as being reasonable and fair.

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