December 4, 2023

Over the past months, the British Residents’ Society have been in consultation with the TRNC Prime Ministry and Ministry of Interior asking questions and offering advice regarding the new TRNC Residency Regulations and following the 23rd October 2019 introduction further discussions were held to fine-tune the regulation requirements and in the past few days BRS issued a Residency Regulation update to its members and kindly also passed this information to CyprusScene for a wider distribution and understanding.

The following documents are those that have been put on the BRS website and include the following which you can view online and download for future use from CyprusScene.

  • Residency FAQs – Click here
  • End to End Residency Process – Click here
  • Residency Application Form – Immovable Property – Click here
  • Residency Application Form – Family Residency – Click here
  • Civil Partnership Application Form – Click here


Following a meeting today with Ugur Culhaoglu, the author of the new Residency Regulations he handed me an update to hopefully assist with the current problems.

I have attached this document to this update.

He has also provided me with leaflets that the Ministry of the Interior have produced to assist with Residency. These leaflets will be available at the main clinics at Lambousa Market, Lapta; The Hut, Girne; and Creditwest Bank, Catalkoy. Once we obtain further stock, they will also be distributed to the clinics in Esentepe and Bogaz.

Finally, we were provided with the Application Forms that you will need to apply for your Residency when you begin the process at the Police Station. One form is for ‘Immovable Property’ applications and the other is for ‘Family Residency’ applications.
You can access these documents in the Residency section in the member’s area of the Website.


► There are 2 types of entry stamps, at the entries to the TRNC.

  • 1. Regular entry stamp.
  • 2. Visa stamp.

This stamp;

  • Includes only the date of entry. (No visa type or duration)
  • Is applied to those with a LEGAL STATUS in the TRNC.

Who are those with a LEGAL STATUS in the TRNC?

  • Citizens.
  • Work Permit and Business Permit Holders.
  • Temporary Residency Permit Holders. (Property owners, persons with high income, etc)
  • Permanent Residency Permit Holders.
  • Persons with an exemption to Residency Permit.

What happens if I get a REGULAR ENTRY STAMP?

When you get this kind of stamp at the entry, you are allowed to stay in the TRNC,

  • Until your legal status expires, or
  • Until your legal status is cancelled.

This stamp;

  • Includes the date of entry, type of visa, duration of visa.
  • Is applied to those with NO LEGAL STATUS in the TRNC.

What happens if I get a VISA STAMP?

  • 1. You are allowed to stay in the TRNC,
  • 2. Until your VISA expires,
  • Until your VISA is cancelled.
  • 3. Any kind of your employment is FORBIDDEN, until you get a work permit.

► What if I have 1-year grace period?

  • 1-year grace period has an effect like LEGAL STATUS in the TRNC. You don’t need to get a visa in this period.

Normally, you should be given a REGULAR ENTRY STAMP in the grace period.
But If you are given a VISA STAMP in the grace period, don’t take it into consideration.
This is just because of the administrational difficulties, like computer systems at the borders.

2 thoughts on “December 2019 update from BRS regarding TRNC Residency Regulations

  1. I have a villa in Catalkoy and arrived back in TRNC on 29th January 2020 after a visit to UK for Christmas. I came back via Larnaca and was given a 30 day visa stay. Does this mean that i am not able to stay longer
    I di intend to apply for Temporary Residency asap

    1. If you have been given a 30-day visa then that how long you can stay. Our advice is to start your residency application as soon as you can.

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