December 9, 2023

Minister Tatar who travelled to Istanbul yesterday afternoon (26th November), began his contacts in the evening.  He attended a gala dinner of the 10th Bosphorus Summit organized by the International Cooperation Platform under the auspices of the Turkish Presidency.

Prime Minister Tatar, who will attend the 10th Bosphorus Summit as the guest of the International Cooperation Platform, will make the opening speech of the summit.

He will travel to Strasbourg this evening after completing his contacts in Istanbul. Following his contacts in Strasbourg, Tatar will return to the TRNC on Friday. (29/11/2019)

1 thought on “Prime Minister Ersin Tatar is holding contacts in Istanbul today

  1. I would hate to have a Political person giving away any TRNC territory away like a confetti. One thing I would like to see that PM Tatar is not that kind of person.
    That kind of person can always depend on my Support.

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