CESV - Civil Emergency Service Voulunteers

CESV/112 donate medical equipment to more health centres

Great news from the CESV/112 Civil Emergency Service Volunteers who continue to raise funds to supply medical equipment to the North Cyprus ambulance services and long may it continue

Tuesday 19th November 2019

Another delivery of Medical supplies this time to the following Centres.

Degirmenlik Health Centre

Serdarli Health Center

Thank you to Erman for making the deliveries today on behalf of CESV/112

Would you like to help the CESV/112 Volunteers

They are a group of ex-pats who voluntarily wish to give back something to our community and we carry out First Aid Training to the Police, Firemen, Nurses, and Ambulance Drivers. as well as supplying Medical Equipment to clinics and Ambulances.

They are also carrying out more and more First Aid Training Courses to Schools, Colleges, Universities and Businesses.

They need more volunteers, Male or Female to help with the Training and Fundraising.

If you would like to help, THEY NEED YOU. All Training will be given, so do please contact Allan by email on : CESV.admin@gmail.com