My horse riding passion continues with The Ranch Cyprus!

By Peri Sualp,,,,,

My love towards horses started with children’s books and toys when I was a toddler.

Realising this love, my mum took me to a horse riding farm when I was 3, and then my love turned to a passion. In the beginning I was doing small rides with the stableman but I was begging them to give the horse to me so I could ride all by myself. Seeing my ambition, the instructors agreed for me to have lessons despite my young age. I started my horse riding lessons as young as 3 years old and continued at regular intervals until aged 7. That was when we were in Istanbul.

When we moved to Cyprus when I was 7, my mum tried to find riding schools here in North Cyprus. That was a difficult task! All the riding clubs here had some problems; either the horses were not good enough or even no riding horses at all, either the manège [fenced horse-riding arena] conditions weren’t safe enough; or there were no instructors in the riding club, and so on. So, we tried almost every horse-riding club possible in North Cyprus but then my mum got fed up so we started going to the South. For almost two years we went to a nice school regularly but it was a very long drive and scheduling the lessons was a disaster. Weather conditions in Cyprus are almost impossible to have lessons in winter and in summer and most schools do not have closed manèges for bad weather conditions or lighting to allow night lessons. The best possible seasons are spring and autumn.

For two years my concerts peaked up in both available seasons for riding therefore I had to give a break to my lessons for about two years. After all these years, having lessons back and forth, I couldn’t manage to get my horse-riding licence. Even though I was busy with many things that I do in my life, my love and passion for horses never faded away! So, finding a suitable time, my mom started the horse-riding school search again hoping some things might have changed within these two years, and there, BINGO!  “The Ranch Cyprus” riding club in Karsiyaka, which is THE PLACE for me now! The horses are great, the manège is awesome and the owner and the instructor Jordan is a fabulous trainer and all the people there are really friendly. Jordan helped me to remember everything I already knew faster than the speed of light and I’m crossing my fingers to get my licence in January.

The Ranch is a small animal Petting Farm and Horse-Riding Club that offers both in-school lessons as well as outdoor hack tour experiences. They offer unique five-star rated, guided horseback trail experiences in the Girne-Vasillia Olive Groves and Mountain range. These can apply to both beginner or timid riders as well as the more confident and experienced. In turn, allowing all to relax, enjoy and take in all of the great views, landscapes, and scenery Cyprus has to offer. I experienced the horseback trail last weekend; it was absolutely awesome – can’t wait to do it again.

Students can expect a fun and safe learning experience from their personable staff and team of much-loved school horses and ponies. Their program values horsemanship and students learn to groom and tack-up their own horses. Many of their riding school students have obtained their riding licences and progressed to be successful competitors and horse owners. Leasing and Livery packages are available as well as monthly riding schemes. Please take note that all riding reservations must be made in advance; same-day appointments are not guaranteed.

One more note; I am surprised to find out that there are students from my school – English School of Kyrenia – going to The Ranch for their PE sub branch horse-riding GCSE exams. This knowledge proves the quality of the riding school. I am glad that finally I am on the right track for riding.

Editors note: For more information or clarification, please contact the Ranch Cyprus via their Facebook page click here

Video by Peri Sualp