Environment protection

Evkaf Volunteers for Good cleaning near Kyrenia Castle and Amphitheatre

Temiz Kibris or A Clean Cyprus is a subject never far from the lips of our readers and we have received the following news of volunteer work to reach that objective.

Readers mail…
Oya Kutsal…

Evkaf Volunteers for Good has started another environmental campaign which will be held at the beautiful spot which is a magnificent mixture of history and nature between Kyrenia Castle and the Amphitheatre.

This will be a long term campaign in cooperation with Kyrenia Municipality. The campaign was started on 16th November by the volunteers and the volunteers made an announcement to encourage the support of all associations and establishments.

Next Sunday 24th November 2019, the Turk Ocağı young footballers team will be there giving help and support. The students of Girne Faculty of Medicine will also be there after their exams have finished and Elexus Hotel will also take part in the campaign.

Yakin Dogu University Maths students will also contribute and volunteers are expecting more support from other associations.

The TRNC Department of Environment also stated that they would contribute

Those who would like to participate can contact me, Oya Kutsal on Facebook.