Özersay: “Those responsible for burning of TRNC flag are identified”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay announced that those who were responsible for the burning of the TRNC flag, during the ELAM demonstrations on the Greek Cypriot side on 15 November, have been identified.

In his statement on his social account, Özersay stated that the necessary information was given to the border gates.

Özersay made the following statement:

“At the initiative of our Ministry, the Police Department, who carried out the necessary research, identified those who are responsible for the burning of our flag. Information and instructions were also given to the police to carry out the necessary procedures for their crossings from the border gates”

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  1. I hope they have parents that are not Proud of their Offspring.
    Otherwise this of-rant could be interpreted as a National Pastime In the South.