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Tulips thank Hakan Demirçeken of Kaya Palazzo

It’s always nice to receive and share news of those who reach out and support charities and we have just received this news from Sue Tilt of Tulips.

Hello readers,

Tulips would like to say a huge thank you to Hakan Demirçeken from the Kaya Palazzo for supporting Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association from their Oktoberfest 2019 event.

An amazing amount of 4,800TL was donated to Tulips on the 13th November 2019 in the presence of Laurence Floyd and Delia Rushbrook, who we also thank them as they continue to be strong supporters of our charity and were instrumental in introducing Tulips to Hakan and the Kaya Palazzo.


Sue Tilt
0542 854 8714

Tulips/ Help Those With Cancer Association
(Kanser Hastalarina Yardim Dernegi)