TFR news update on Residency Regulation

The Foreign Residents Association in the TRNC  (TFR) have had further advice from Mr.Ugur Çulhaoglu, the Chief Solicitor of the Legal Department in the Ministry of the Interior and have asked us to share this with our readers.

Dear members of TFR!

A silver streak on the horizon… Mr. Ugur Culhaoglu, the chief solicitor of the TRNC Ministry of Interior, published the following post on the TFR Facebook page:

“Dear members, The Ministry of Interior, never aims to deport anyone who normally and legally reside in TRNC. Ministry also never aims to make your life harder in TRNC. We are just trying to make this beautiful country more secure, more habitable place for everyone. As you can see below, we do our best to make new rules more practicable for everyone. In addition to the things below, we are still working to make things easier, especially the application process. We are also working on a brief guide to give all necessary information about the application process. This will include all the required documents too. So please don’t ask about the documents now. I kindly request some patience, especially from those who have 1 year to get their permit. If you need an urgent permit nowadays, a private legal advisor may help you, not me! Thanks for your patience.

Now. Yes. Some good news about the new residency rules!

  1. There were some problems about health test requirement for the persons over 60. Today we resolved this. Policemen will not force to have blood test anymore. If they do, please let me know, even via a PM.
  2. We resolved the Family Permit problem about the unmarried couples. Now we accept the partnerships. Moreover, this will include same sex partnerships as well! We will require a declaration from both parties. We prepared a standard form of declaration for this.
  3. We resolved the problem about getting 90 days visa due to property ownership. We still can’t accept any photocopy or digital copy of the title deeds or the sale contracts. But we made it possible to extend your 30 days visa to 90 days, by applying with your original documents to the Immigration Department. There was no such extension method before.
  4. We cancelled the rule, that requires the spouses of the work permit holders to wait 1 year before they can get family permit. No more waiting!
  5. More clarification for over 60’s! Who is eligible for 1 year grace period?
    A. Must be 60 years old before 23rd OCT 2019.
    B. Must be in TRNC, in last 1 year just before 23 OCT 2019. (Was not very clear how many days being in TRNC was enough. Now, even 1 day is enough)
    C. No need to be in TRNC at the date of 23rd OCT 2019.
    D. Any exit and/or re-enter in 1 year grace period, does NOT affect eligibility. (This was not very clear too)
  6. As explained before, do not take into consideration the 30, 60 or 90 days visa, if you are eligible to 1 year grace period described above!
  7. Over 65’s, who will reside with their children that are TRNC citizens, are now eligible to get 5 years exemption!
  8. Normally, a TRNC citizen can be a sponsor to his/her own foreign parents to get them Family Permit. Now they can be sponsor for their foreign “parents in law” too! (Parents in law must be over 60)”

But when you think there is a silver streak on the horizon, dark clouds appear again… This very morning another member of our Facebook-group posted this:

“My friends who are house owners complete with Kocan went to Girne immigration at the police station this morning and both are over 60. The police insisted that they need to take a blood test and also refused to extend their 30 day visa which they got on the 27th October. Your advice/assistance would be much appreciated please as they are now incurring the costs of the blood test.
Many thanks and kind regards …. Mike Bezzant”

The question is, does the police in Girne have a life of their own? We will check this out for you, I will try to get a meeting with the Chief of Police Immigration Department a.s.a.p.

BREAKING NEWS! This was the answer of Mr. Ugur Culhaoglu just a few seconds ago: “Do not pay anything for a blood test. Please allow the policemen a few days to make arrangements for new rules.”



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  1. We have been here nearly 4 years my wife has cancer and is housebound, how can she get residency ,we are both over 60,thankyou.
    Kind regards,
    Stressed of karakum

    • We wish we could answer your question Carl but perhaps if you are from Europe the Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) seem to have the contacts to perhaps obtain an answer for you

  2. On the 12 Dec i went for my residency and i told them i was over 60 they said i still need a blood test so i did.. but now you don’t need it… so where can i get my money back

    • Go back to where you paid the money for the blood test…By the way, did you mean to say 12th November as today is 29th November?