Mayor Arter met with Mayors Hasan Sadikoğlu and Mustafa Zurnacilar

The Mayor of Gazimağusa held a meeting with Mayor Hasan Sadikoğlu and Mayor Mustafa Zurnacilar about a construction plan

Gazimağusa Mayor İsmail Arter said that he often discusses everything about the region, and they also discussed the construction plan that covers 3 regions and that they are busy with because it is close to the end of the work. “it is not a matter to be underestimated, and the pier and the port will be discussed for many years to come, it is not a matter to be taken for granted, the more useful work we spend on it, the more useful plan there will be.  The first vote will be held on December 4th and until then we will remove problematic points until the first vote.” he said.

Iskele Mayor, Hasan Sadikoğlu said that the meetings with the Mayor during the construction plan will directly affect the future of each region and that they are coming towards the end. He also said that they will have a technical meeting, and they will discuss the decision they will make in the council in the next days.

Yeniboğaziçi Mayor, Mustafa Zurnacilar said that the people of all 3 regions have made an effort to prepare the future and living conditions in a good way, to leave good living cities for the future generations, and the important thing is the prosperity of the people. “there is a need for these areas to be completed as soon as possible, and this will be achieved in a good way. We, as Mayors, will continue our work for the benefit of our people.” he said.

Source: Gazimağusa Municipality