Children learn how to use home remedies against diseases

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The Özay Günsel Children’s University recently organised a workshop for a group of students of the university,  held at NEU Faculty of Pharmacy. The motto of the workshop was “I’m Examining the Home Remedies of My Grandma”.

Within the scope of the modules and learning activities designed for age-groups, the “Galaxy” and “Universe” group students participated in the workshop. Within the frame of the event, the students were provided with information about the popular home remedies inherited from one generation to another and they made tea by using medicinal herbs.

According to the press release of the University, the students were provided with information about the medicinal plants such as thyme, cinnamon, linden, chamomile, rosehip, elderberry, hibiscus, marshmallow and similar herbs that could be used to prevent diseases such as colds and flu and to relieve associated cough problems that become common during seasonal changes. Through hands-on applications, students have learned to mix herbs and make medicinal tea that the family members could drink together.

The students, who examined the plants used in home remedies under a microscope, prepared tea by using medicinal plants such as linden, thyme and elderberry that are known to be effective in the treatment of colds and flu. For fresh ginger tea, the students, who studied the specimen obtained from the cross-section of ginger to get a better look at it under microscope, observed the purple-colour starch grains. The students packaged the teas that they made by using medicinal plants in order to take them home.