Özersay: “TRNC stands by Turkey in the struggle against terrorism”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay informed Foreign Affairs Commission, which gathered under the presidency of the Chairman of Foreign Affairs Commission of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, AK Party Istanbul Deputy Volkan Bozkır, on the issue of the “TRNC and Regional Developments”.

In his speech at the opening of the meeting, Özersay stated that it is an important opportunity to be able to express the TRNC’s opinions, thoughts, and suggestions.

Stating that there are important developments in the Middle East especially in the Eastern Mediterranean and Syria, Özersay said that the balances have been reshaped and there is a need for a paradigm change in Cyprus in this period.

Özersay continued: “As Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, I would like to emphasize once more that the TRNC government and the Turkish Cypriot people entirely stand by Turkey in the struggle against terrorism and for the territorial integrity and security of Turkey.


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  1. Spoke like the best kind of person and diplomat.
    We are all aware that once a terror grope penetrated the Deeper society, it corrupts the whole political standing. Very much like the Eoka B etc, which has Embedded itself in the security forces, along side the Greek Church and is unquestionably a very relevant part of the South Cyprus every day life.
    Not my choice of life.